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A Brief History of Convenience Packaging, Inc.
Convenience Packaging, Inc. has just celebrated its 50th anniversary. The company started servicing coin operated stamp vending machines located in convenience stores, hotels, airports, and other major tourist attractions around the San Antonio, Texas area.
CPI ventured outside the San Antonio area and into the Houston market in the late 1960's. By 1970, CPI was servicing stamps for National Convenience Stores, a.k.a. Stop-N-Go Markets, and soon was servicing other c-stores throughtout the state.
In the 70's and 80's, most of our accounts wanted to change the way they sold stamps. They wanted to eliminate the stamp machines because of various service problems inherent in wide-spread distribution and other inefficiencies associated with vending machines. We proposed a handy, bar-coded mini envelope that could be supplied to each store through their grocery supplier. This change in distribution has created a national market for us and we are now in the 5,000 c-stores being supplied by the country's largest wholesale companies with our 2 and 6 pack stamps and pre-stamped envelopes. We would like to include you as our customer.

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